Junior Tennis Summer Camps

The Dunes Tennis Camp is designed to place campers in an age and skill appropriate level that will encourage fitness and teamwork. Instruction from tennis camp staff and USPTA tennis professionals will be offered daily.A well-trained and energetic staff creates a fun and well planned schedule promoting recreational activities and beneficial educational experiences.A positive camp experience is our goal as we want our Juniors to continue the love of tennis into their teenage and adult lives. 

Junior Tennis Programs

The Dunes Club has an extensive junior program that allows juniors of all skill levels and ages to participate year round. Our programs are designed so that players continue to develop skills at each level as they age up and become more proficient. We offer monthly junior clinic packages during the school calendar year for juniors to participate once a week, twice a week, or three times a week. Players are divided by skill level, then age and transitioned to a more appropriate group at the recommendation of the coaching staff. 

Our goal as a staff is to teach young players to love the game and develop sound technique and to foster participation in junior league play, tournaments, high school tennis, and college tennis. We also offer private and semi-private lessons

AgeCourt SizeRacquet SizeBallNet HeightScoringServing
Ankle Biter;
6 & Under
36 foot19"-21"Foam or Red, Low Compression2'9"Best of 3 games 1st to win 7 pointsOne bounce forehand or no bounce underarm
Hip Huggers;
8 & Under
36 Foot23"Foam or Red, Low Compression2'9"Best of 3 games 1st to win 7 pointsNo Bounce underarm or overhead
10 & Under
60 Foot25"Orange, Low Compression3'Best of 2 sets 1st to win 4 games, 7 point tie break for 3rd setNo bounce underarm or overhead
Tennis & Tournament
prep: 12 & under novice
Regulation26"-27"Green, Slightly Compression3'Best of 2 set 1st to win 6 games, 7 pt. tie break at 6 games all, Tie break 3rd setOverhead Serve
Tournament Prep:
12, 14, 16, 18 &
Regulation27"Regulation Ball and Court3'Best of 2 sets 1st to win 6 games, 7 pt. tie break at 6 games all, 3rd set optionsOverhead Serve